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London Players' Backgammon League

London's only Backgammon league for individual players, est. 2011.

Season 2023 Q2

Division 1 Table and Recent Results

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For more information about this league
 or to join:

Please contact Richard "Dicky" Biddle


The London Players' Backgammon League

Every player plays two 11-point matches against all other players in their four-player division. Two league points for a match win, one league point for a match loss.  There is one promotion spot and one relegation spot in each division.  

Each season lasts 3 months. Seasons commence on the first day of each quarter and finish at Midnight on the 25th day of third month at the end of each quarter.

Full rules can be found here

Other divisions for 2023 Q2 can be found here

The 2023 League Cup Tournament Chart is available here.

Recent League Cup results below:

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